Different types of music publishing deals

Most publishers try to sign worldwide agreements with their writers.

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But others may sign writers only for individual countries or territories. Acknowledgement of Country. Understanding Publishing Contracts. Specific Works A publisher might want to represent only one of your songs or albums. Works for hire This agreement is usually for screen composers and jingle writers. Every song consists of two basic components: the sound recording and the composition melody and lyrics.

Self-Publishing vs. Publishing Deal

Music publishing allows you to generate money from that composition component. Before we get started, here are some basic terms to know:. Composition : The melody and lyrics of a song.

Copyright : Your ownership over anything you write, record or create. As soon as you put pen to paper, your in-effect copyrighted work has been created. Harry Fox Agency HFA and Loudr : These two companies help independent artists easily obtain mechanical licenses so that they may release cover songs. There are three PROs in the U. Typically you want to choose one PRO and stick with it. Also, if you self-publish, you can register as both a songwriter and a publishing company.

Royalties : A sum of money paid to a composer for each usage of a work. Sound recording : The mechanical or electronic fixation of a series of musical sounds. Statutory rate : A rate fixed by law.

Types of publishing deals

The U. Earning money from your composition means granting licenses and receiving royalties.

Whenever your song is played in public, you are entitled to royalties via a performance license. Some examples of public performance include:. A Performance Rights Organization or PRO both issues licenses on your behalf and works to collect your performance royalties. When a PRO detects that one of its registered songs has been used, they collect the performance royalties and pay the publisher or songwriter.

Each PRO has a unique way of calculating exactly what is owed to their publishers and songwriters.

Publishing contract

It can be a group of songs i. For example, all of the songs that we publish at my publishing company are referred to as our catalog. Often times, music publishers may wish to purchase a group of songs, or all the songs, from a songwriter or from another music publisher. The purchase price is usually determined from formulas based on the historical earnings of the song catalog and the estimated future earnings.

In a catalog purchase deal, the purchasing party is typically only buying existing songs.

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In Part 2, Steve provides practical examples of how some of the options in these deals work. Follow us on Twitter , Facebook and Pinterest. The information contained herein is for informational purposes only, and is not legal advice or a substitute for legal counsel.

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